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located in Oregon’s fine wine country -Amity, Oregon

Piece of the Wind

Custom Wood Carving by Steve R Pancoast

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Steve is a Master Woodcarver/ Woodworker

working in the disappearing style & spirit of Old World Craftsmanship

Piece of the Wind excels in individual custom needs when the only logical or desirable path is accomplished

by hand & human spirit.

- Serving Individuals & Businesses, Locally & Nationally -

Furniture & Components/ Architectural/ Embellishments

  1. -Historic Restoration/ Master Patterns/ Sculpted Figures

  2. -Mantles/ Luxury Pool Tables & more...

“Steve is one of the most passionate human beings I have ever met. He’s an artist in the true form.                                His passion extends far beyond his ability to carve. His ability to transfer your dreams into reality                 are unbelievable”
Excerpt from the Oregonian @ The 2004 Street of Dreams- Portland, OR
During an Interview with Interior Designer Evelyn Green

REF: The Oregonian 8/8/2004 Interview with Interior Designer Evelyn Green
Evelyn is an award winning Interior Designer since 1972, Instructor & a Lifetime Member of NWSID. 

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