Commissioned & Custom Designed Piece of the Wind Pool Tables

These tables included a matching Cue Rack, Balls & Accessories.

One Included a Matching Custom Poker Table

Piece of the Wind Luxury Pool Tables

are a unique marriage of the great craftsman‘monster tables’ of the 1800’s, (which were beautiful but didn’t play very well) and modern tables that play substantially better, but not built to last. Our tables are re-engineered and built first & foremost as a professional grade’Players Quality’ table. There is no skimping on material quality from lumber choice to specific components... that’s what makes a table play right. Next comes the individual uniqueness of design per client. Combine that the workmanship & finish that is no different than a fine piece of furniture that is proudly displayed... and enjoyed.

Piece of the Wind Pool Tables are truly ‘one of a kind’ through and through

Here’s the Pile of Lumber It Takes...

To Make One of These

Some of the Inner Makings

Two Dove Tailed 4” x 6” Slate Support Beams

The Inner Hardwood Frame is 2” thick. The outer Frame, The Beauty Wood, is 3/4”. With 2 1/2” Rail Support Extensions Total  5 1/4” !

9-11  3/4”Ply Apple or Baltic Birch Slate frame

Section View of Corner Braces, Slate Support Beam, Rail Support & Plywood Slate Frame

Extension for Rail Support.

Typical Rail support depends upon the framed slate only. This extension adds the support of the table body as well!

Cross Section of a Rail.

Rail Construction is Bookmatched & Sandwich Lamination Hardwood. Shaped for the shooter,  the wooden rail is at 6” wide. Bolt Down to Slate is a precision 3/8” Screw On Furniture ‘T’.

Note the staggered dado cut for firm apron support.

Leg Support, & Leg to Support Bolting Means

If  You Are Interested in a purchasing a Piece of the Wind Pool Table, or Would Like More Information:

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Piece of the Wind Wood Carving

is located in the Willamette Valley’s Fine Wine Country,

Amity, Oregon, 97101