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A Little About Steve R Pancoast

In February 1978 Steve experienced two of the most profound crossroads of his life-

The birth of his daughter & the cradle he designed, built & carved to receive her...

His daughter remains a life inspiration & the cradle a cherished heirloom in which her children and his grand children first slept... and perhaps someday theirs...

To ‘share the joy’ Steve dedicated his life vocation to create heirlooms born from the heart of each individual he serves sculpted by the hands & the spirit of a craftsman.

While teaching himself to carve Steve asked for a project challenge from his wife and 6year old son. His son asked him to carve a ‘piece of the wind’ which struck Steve so deeply it was adopted not so much as a business name, but a description of his dedication

Essentially self taught Steve is quick to acknowledge the great craftsman, artisans, artists, designers & architects that have directly taught or mentored along the way. Making his home in the Portland vicinity for over 35 years, his 2500 sq ft shop & home are presently situated above Amity, Oregon’s finest wine country. His love & spiritual link to the NW has over ridden opportunity in favor of creative contentment & allowed close relationships with the clients he has served.

Steve is published, & has been featured on numerous occasions by various media including TV & radio interviews, newspapers & magazines such as The Oregonian, The Journal, & Portland Spaces. He has 3 times been recognized as one of Portland’s & the Northwest’s top craftsman/artist.

Commercial Clientele

The clientele of Piece of the Wind is hardly limited to Private Residents. Commercial projects have been an important part of Steve’s career that has provided a broad back ground in public art & developed working relationships with some of the finest commercial designers & craftsman in the US.   Ranging from featured pieces to collaborative projects the list contains such names as: The Bellagio Casino, Trump’sTaj Mahal, Paris Hilton, Rio, MGM, Venetian, Mohegan and more...

Other public clients include Disney World Fl, Manele Bay Hotel Ha, Red Lion Motor Inns,

Oregon Zoo, Portland University & The City of Portland.